• Shadow Sect returning to PRSPCT with two brand new tracks. Italian Stallions Shadow Sect back on PRSPCT with a brutal 2 tracker delivering that oh so much needed shot of hard as rock drum & bass. This digital baby contains 1 solo track + one collab with IHR. Nameless Ghouls EP by Shadow Sect is the perfect soundtrack for romantic candle lit dinners, Family BBQ’s, bar mitzvah’s, raves & riots! Available in digital formats. Tracks: 01: Nameless Ghouls 02: FCKNGJMP (with IHR) Release: 15 July 2020
  • 4 classic Detest Hardcore bangers Dissected & Erected by Dolphin, Hallucinator, Penta & Detest for his & her pleasure.
  • Grip Design by Micromakine was an absolute banger that almost every Industrial hardcore artists played the fuck out of when it got released many years ago. We now present to you: Fracture 4’s Seeds of Doubt remix – which is one serious BEAST of a tune. Available in digital formats. Tracks: 01: Grip Design (Fracture 4’s Seeds Of Doubt Remix) Release: 17 June 2020
  • Splinter Cell is an Industrial Hardcore badman from the land down under aka that burning island far far away where Europe used to send their rapists, murderers and dirty scoundrels of all sorts. To get back on the music subject: This digital release contains 3 pounding Industrial Hardcore tracks, 2 solo tracks + 1 collab with the mighty Mindustries. Tracks: 01: Mechanical Mindz 02: Apocalypse 03: Mere Insanity (ft. Mindustries) Available only in digital formats. Release: 04 March 2020
  • 2019 was another big year for PRSPCT recordings with a ton of great releases. We have compiled a super diverse “best of 2019” digi pack with 36 PRSPCT hits that hit the streets in 2019. Tracks: 01: DJ Hidden – The Haunting 02: Somniac One – Murderize 03: Meander – Khanivore 04: Synthakt & Counterstrike – Particle Radiation 05: [KRTM] ft. Thrasher – Placebo 06: Coco Bryce – Talkin’ Bout My Generation 07: Hellfish – Beast Metal 08: Sinister Souls – World At War 09: Sei2ure – Informer VIP 10: DEFFFORMER ft. Shaydie – Lose Your Mind 11: The Satan – Gangzta Cash 12: Tim Tama – Dream Syntax 13: Adamant Scream & Dolphin – Flesh & Bone 14: High Rankin – Marduk 15: Tantrum.Today – Anger 16: DJ Hidden – The Nightmare Connector 17: Akira & Bryan Fury – Nutz Drilla 18: Switch Technique & Deathmachine – The Task 19: The 3Eyed – Next Victim 20: Tommy The Cat – Enter The Shogun 21: The Dead Cvlt – All Hope Is Lost 22: Sinister Souls – FCKN Hostile 23: Meander – Amongst Dead Things 24: Rogue – Industry Reject 25: The Satan – Bring On Destruction 26: [KRTM] & Ansome – Fiend 27: Shadow Sect & Hallucinator ft. MC Braincase – Chainsaw 28: Somniac One – Dad Bodies Everywhere 29: Lucy Furr & DJ Hidden – Connected 30: Loop Stepwalker, Dj Assassin & eRRe – Listen Up 31: Akira – Body Slam Musik 32: Switch Technique & Limewax – Doctor Wrecker 33: DJ Hidden – Life Blocker 34: Apzolut ft. MC Goatzak – Lost 35: Broken Code – Subconscious Mind 36: The Dead Cvlt – The Cataclyst Downloadable in both MP3 & WAV. Release: 10 January 2020
  • For Fresh Meat 002 we traveled all the way to the land of Pizza, Pasta & Berlusconi's infamous Bunga Bunga parties. A harsh journey through rough terrain crossing over the alps on to that strange boot shaped far away land. What did we learn from our trip? Well.. For starters, the Roman Empire for sure ain’t what it used to be. But hey, they do know how to bake some seriously brutal Pizza’s over there. Those flat earth shaped things tasted great! Parental advisory: This debut 2 track EP by Broken Code on our Fresh Meat sub label rocks out harder than your dad on viagra. Stay safe. Wear a helmet! Tracks: 01: Subconscious Mind 02: Uncharted Depth Of Things Available only in digital formats. Release: 11 December 2019
  • If you google Incubus you’ll get the following explanation: “A male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women.” Ah well, there is even a pretty popular band called Incubus and what makes them way worse is that they suck big time! Lucky for us the 3 tracks on this EP by 3Eyed not suck. The opposite even.. These 3 tracks rock harder then your mom! Pounding industrial Hardcore. Just the way we like it. #ThatsWhatSheSaid Tracks: 01: Next Victim 02: Look What I Got 03: Good & Evil (ft. Rhaoul) Available only in digital formats. Release: 20 November 2019
  • If there is one thing us “humans” excel in it will be killing each other & the whole planet while we are at it… Now let us give you some insight on this EP: It contains 2 banging drum & bass tracks. World At War by Sinister Souls and a Zardonic remix of Kick Snare (originally by Sinister Souls). We suggest you check them out before some big shot with a micro penis presses that red button all hell breaks loose! Tracks: 01: World At War 02: Kick Snare (Zardonic Remix) Available only in digital formats. Release: 01 November 2019
  • Lucy Furr hitting it hard & heavy again on her brand new EP for PRSPCT. Pure PRSPCT style Drum & Bass. Hard, Heavy, Rolling and and fit to crush any dancefloor in the universe. 1 solo track + 2 collabs with artists like Limewax, DJ Hidden & Spinal. A killer EP by this genuine and highly talented lady! Tracks: 01: Maleficarum 02: Connected (ft. DJ Hidden) 03: The Agency (ft. Spinal) 04: War Poem (ft. Limewax) Available only in digital formats. Release: 26 June 2019
  • Fresh Meat is PRSPCT’s newest sub label focusing on new talented artists that we believe in. For our first release we signed Russian trio Tantrum.Today for their very first release ever and they’re proud to present you this banging 2 tracker. There is simply one way to describe this release. Hardcore Drum & Bass dancefloor stompers in true classic PRSPCT fashion. Tracks: 01: Anger 02: Amateur Available only in digital formats. Release: 05 June 2019
  • Rogue is the new incarnation of UK hardcore veteran Tugie. A fresh new start to focus on his passion for drum & bass with a healthy dose of hardcore. His debut EP on PRSPCT recordings is exactly that and to top it all off its pretty damn great. 5 tracks that all rock your socks off. Tugie is dead. Long live Rogue!! Tracks: 01: Industry Reject 02: Unknown (ft. MC Dart) 03: Demons 04: Absence Of Faith 05: Mental Chaos Available only in digital formats. Release: 15 May 2019
  • PRSPCT newest family member Shadow Sect hitting hard on their debut 4 track EP. A heavy as F*** dnb war machine featuring all things brutal about the heavier edge of this music we love so much. 2 solo tracks + to collabs with Lucy Furr and Hallucinator make this one hell of a debut. All Hail Shadow Sect and their Rise of the Shadows EP Tracks: 01: Moshpit 02: Wake Up 03: Chainsaw (& Hallucinator ft. MC Braincase) 04: In The Shadows (& Lucy Furr) Available only in digital formats. Release: 19 April 2019


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