Highly acclaimed debut Full Length Album by this deadly threesome consisting of Limewax, Bong Ra & Thrasher – newly known as The Hard Way!

01: No Snow No Show
02: Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers
03: Dead Rockstars
04: The Hard Way
05: Meatstick
06: Total Fucking Nihilism
07: Sodomizer
08: Halal Breaks (Bring The Porkchops)
09: THW Wrecking Crew
10: Suck Satan’s Cock (1997 VIP)
11: Pentagram Of Coke
12: Humor Of The Tumor
13: Crackhouse Warming Party
14: Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers (Live At The Blue Oyster Bar)

Available in 2x 12″ vinyl record, CD & digital formats.

Release: 05 May 2014