Sinister Souls back on PRSPCT with their 3rd full length album. A brutal drum & bass onslaught delivering all things great about Sinister Souls. Dancefloor smashers, party crashers, rowdy rollers and 4 to the floor stompers – this baby has got it all.

5 solo tracks + ton of collabs and remixes by/with artists like Maztek, Gancher & Ruin, Counterstrike and Shadow Sect make this one FCKN Hostile LP.

01: FCKN Hostile
02: Kick Snare
03: Fantasia (ft. Gancher & Ruin)
04: Twilight Zone (ft. Maztek)
05: You’ll Float Too
06: OMG (ft. Shadow Sect)
07: Come At Me Bro (Counterstrike Remix)
08: Involuntary Suicide
09: Unleash The Beast
10: Parasite Bandit VIP

Available on CD & digital formats.

Release: 26 April 2019