• We are celebrating our third record this year. This brings both the Breakbeat legend The Panacea and Techno coroner Ansome together with [KRTM] to build a trainride of annihilation. Three tracks inviting you right into the center of a fierce electrical storm. Tracks: A1: [KRTM] & The Panacea – PQTmDY3xUhaSz3d A2: [KRTM] & Ansome – Fiend B1: [KRTM] – Albino Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 04 Oktober 2019 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • If there is one album that we would bring to a desert island it’s this one for sure! The Worst Of [KRTM] is one of the most refreshing records we have heard in a long time. Perfectly blending industrial Techno and Hardcore to a unique beautiful/terrifying piece of art. This record is one big symbiosis of all [KRTM] stands for. We could almost write a book on how unique and great this album is but let’s just stop here and let the music do the talking. All Hail [KRTM]! Tracks: A1: Shrink A2: Bald Boy B1: Purple Fucking Head B2: Beach C1: Sleepwalker C2: Chaser (Monkey With Shotgun) D1: Touch Me D2: Speedboy E1: Pigeon E2: Consumer (Epidemic Dancing) F1: Gum & Something That Puts You In A Wheelchair (ft. TWAN) F2: Marla Singer – Claviceps Purpurea ([KRTM] Remix) Available as 3×12″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 15 June 2018 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Belgiums Modular Bad Boy [KRTM] with his debut PRSPCTXTRM EP “Horsepowder”, containing four super heavy distorted as fuck industrial hardcore techno bangers. PRSPCT Recordings does not take responsibility for any damage caused! Tracks: A1: Buddy (Little Man With Knife) A2: Horsepowder B1: Guy On Rope Laughing Out Loud (New School Mix) B2: Guy On Rope Laughing Out Loud (Old School Mix) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 10 February 2017 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
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    The second SSSPCR record is a collaborative piece between Tim Tama and [KRTM]. Both bringing their most intimate signature sound, this record is the result of two artists that isolate themselves from current trends for the sake of genuine musical flow. [KRTM]’s “Slave“. An introspective, yet violent tune. Disjointed time signatures are moving explicitly forward. Uncompromising. Tim Tama’s “Dream Syntax“ brings back the euphoria into this dark wave of techno music. Tracks: A1: [KRTM] – Slave B1: Tim Tama – Dream Syntax Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 05 July 2019 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • [KRTM]’s “Placebo“. The word “placebo”, Latin for “I will please”, dates back to a Latin translation of the Bible by St Jerome… Tymon’s “VL“. A comeback in style. Influenced by a contemporary wave of techno music, Tymon retains his own chorus and signature energetic beating thunder. Reminiscent of his own discography, he is now crafting a foundation for further exploring of uncharted sonical territory. Tracks: A1: [KRTM] ft. Thrasher – Placebo B1: Tymon – VL Available as 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 01 March 2019 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
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    Unforgiving. Antisocial. A raw cut of the electricity inside the analogue production techniques of this extraordinary duo. AnD and their “Shadows“ project is back, putting an end to the saturated scene of over-exaggerated & over-produced techno bangers. Deal with it Tracks: A1: 3 A2: Hangar 51 B1: 3 ([KRTM] Remix) B2: Shadows – Braindance Available on 12″  Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 27 March 2020 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Y5 is the first EP from Celsius, Epileptik's own master of darkcore, since his retirement from the scene in 2005. 3 Solo tracks and 1 remix by [KRTM] Track list: A1: Y5 A2: Y4 ([KRTM] Remix) B1: The Descent B2: Basics222 Available as 12″ vinyl & digital formats. Release Date: 12 March 2021 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Deathmachine – Mutability LP

    Deathmachine presents his second album, Mutability, a concept record reflecting on the hidden power of technology. Diving deeper into the themes of Engines Of Creation, Deathmachine’s debut album released in 2013, Mutability considers society's present dependence on technology before casting off into an imagined future that is either advanced, destroyed or liberated by escalating automation. Mutability is Deathmachine’s most musically diverse and accomplished record to date, featuring ‘classic’ Deathmachine-style hardcore drum & bass with newer excursion into in grimey halftime ("Show Me The Truth"), techno ("Resilient”) and more poignant forms of drum & bass ("Atoms of Honesty”). Artwork Design: Krytika Hitting the streets December 3rd on 3 x 12inch Vinyl + CD and CD. First 50 copies are handsigned! BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • 2018 was another big year for PRSPCT recordings. 4 Full length Artist Albums + Tons of sick 12″ releases and EP’s on all the imprints. We have compiled a super diverse “best of 2018” digi pack with 34 PRSPCT hits that hit the streets in 2018 + 1 unreleased bonus track. Tracks: 01: Maztek – MadMaz 02: Sei2ure – I Send You To Hell 03: Limewax & L 33 – Eastern Connections 04: [KRTM] – Sleepwalker 05: Gancher & Ruin – Impendace 06: Dolphin & The DJ Producer – These Eyes 07: Counterstrike – Mindfuck (Donny Remix) 08: The Satan & Thrasher – Our Hell 09: Sinister Souls & Mathizm – Reign In Hell 10: Ruby My Dear – Croque Monsieur À Disneyland 11: Somniac One – Kill Everyone 12: The Satan – Bass Feeling 13: Hellfish & Bryan Fury – F*** Everybody 14: Limewax, Switch Technique, Dieselboy & Thrasher – Spicy Boiz 15: [KRTM] – Purple F***ing Head 16: Tugie – Blackout 17: Counterstrike – On Fire 18: Xaturate & Dolphin – Break Him 19: The Motordogs – Bass Reaction 20: Deathmachine – World’s End 21: Switch Technique – Dead Renegades 22: Dolphin & Bryan Fury – Wooo! 23: Gancher & Ruin – Damage Dealer 24: Somniac One – You Don’t Belong 25: Axe Gabba Murda Mob – King Kebab 26: eDub – Time To Stomp 27: Apzolut – 2015 Drive 28: Penta & Tripped – Blood 29: Limewax – Beniño 30: Luxxer & The Arkitect – Lucy 31: The Satan – Kicks Up 32: Queen Ans Revenge – Shoot 33: Lowroller – Dying Breeds 34: Mü & Mike Redman – Frequencies 35: Switch Technique – Roll Hard VIP (Unreleased) Downloadable in both MP3 & WAV. Release: 09 January 2019
  • 2019 was another big year for PRSPCT recordings with a ton of great releases. We have compiled a super diverse “best of 2019” digi pack with 36 PRSPCT hits that hit the streets in 2019. Tracks: 01: DJ Hidden – The Haunting 02: Somniac One – Murderize 03: Meander – Khanivore 04: Synthakt & Counterstrike – Particle Radiation 05: [KRTM] ft. Thrasher – Placebo 06: Coco Bryce – Talkin’ Bout My Generation 07: Hellfish – Beast Metal 08: Sinister Souls – World At War 09: Sei2ure – Informer VIP 10: DEFFFORMER ft. Shaydie – Lose Your Mind 11: The Satan – Gangzta Cash 12: Tim Tama – Dream Syntax 13: Adamant Scream & Dolphin – Flesh & Bone 14: High Rankin – Marduk 15: Tantrum.Today – Anger 16: DJ Hidden – The Nightmare Connector 17: Akira & Bryan Fury – Nutz Drilla 18: Switch Technique & Deathmachine – The Task 19: The 3Eyed – Next Victim 20: Tommy The Cat – Enter The Shogun 21: The Dead Cvlt – All Hope Is Lost 22: Sinister Souls – FCKN Hostile 23: Meander – Amongst Dead Things 24: Rogue – Industry Reject 25: The Satan – Bring On Destruction 26: [KRTM] & Ansome – Fiend 27: Shadow Sect & Hallucinator ft. MC Braincase – Chainsaw 28: Somniac One – Dad Bodies Everywhere 29: Lucy Furr & DJ Hidden – Connected 30: Loop Stepwalker, Dj Assassin & eRRe – Listen Up 31: Akira – Body Slam Musik 32: Switch Technique & Limewax – Doctor Wrecker 33: DJ Hidden – Life Blocker 34: Apzolut ft. MC Goatzak – Lost 35: Broken Code – Subconscious Mind 36: The Dead Cvlt – The Cataclyst Downloadable in both MP3 & WAV. Release: 10 January 2020


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