• Your favorite band to love and/or hate aka The Hard Way will be releasing a brand new EP end of October but.. To keep you entertained and to milk out the last album a bit more here is a remix EP containing 4 remixes by some of our favorite Drum & Bass and Hardcore producer friends. Tracks: 01: Total Fucking Nihilism (The Panacea Remix) 02: Meatstick (Counterstrike Remix) 03: THW Wrecking Crew (Akira Remix) 04: Total Fucking Nihilism (The Outside Agency Remix) Available only in digital formats. Release: 09 October 2015
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    South Africa’s 2nd most important historical figure (right after Nelson Mandela) “Counterstrike” is back on PRSPCT with one hell of a EP. Four tracks delivering the best of the best hard as f*** drum & bass and the man himself have to offer, existing of 3 brand new solo tracks + 1 huge Donny remix of that PRSPCT classic called mindfuck. Sounds promising right? It sure as f** is! Tracks: A1: Self-Destruct A2: Mindfuck (Donny Remix) B1: Demon Core B2: On Fire Available as 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 24 August 2018 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Austrian drum & bass producer Synthakt striking hard on his debut 5 track EP for PRSPCT. A diverse hard-as-nails release delivering everything great about the harder edge of drum & bass. Deadly stompers, Heavy rollers and skull crushing amens. This record has got it all. 3 Solo tracks + 2 huge collabs with Counterstrike & Sinister Souls make this baby one seriously lethal dose of dancefloor artillery. Particle Radiation is the type of radiation you do need in your life, that’s for sure… All Hail Synthakt! Tracks: 01: Alnilam 02: Particle Radiation (ft. Counterstrike) 03: Dusty Planets 04: Halo (ft. Sinister Souls) 05: Draj Available only in digital formats. Release: 27 March 2019
  • Both tracks are HUGE!!! On the A side of this multi color vinyl we have: Crushed, a Hard Hitting Heavy as Fuck Dance floor Smasher. Rocking, Rolling, Fucking, Destroying! On the flip we have: Are You Ready For The Pain. And believe us when we tell you… You are not ready for this pain… This track is one of the sickest, most insane snare drum Blitzkriegs we have ever released on PRSPCT. Blastbeats, Metal, Drum & Bass, Awesome! Again no B sides on this release. Fuck that shit… AA all the fucking Way baby! Tracks: A1: Crushed B1: Ready For The Pain Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 13 July 2015 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
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    I:Gor with 2 heavy banger for XTRM! Tracks: A1: Testify B1: Counterstrike – Power To Distort (I:Gor Remix) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 18 June 2012 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • To get in the mood for PRSPCT XL 16 – THE APOCALYPTIC UPRISING that will be held on december 24th 2012, here is the 10 years of PRSPCT madness mix by label boss THRASHER. Over 30 PRSPCT tracks in one hour! This CD was given to the 1st 1000 visitors of PRSPCT XL 15 on may 16th in Maassilo, Rotterdam and is also for sale as CD through the PRSPCT webshop. Grab one of the very last copies ever available NOW! All Songs Courtesy to PRSPCT Recordings Mixed by Thrasher Available only on CD. Release: 16 May 2012
  • Heavy dancefloor smasher by Counterstrike!! Tracks: A1: Rotterdam Sangomas B1: Impossible Mission 03: Rotterdam Sangomas VIP (Digital Bonus) Available on 12″ colored Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 31 March 2014 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Two monster drumstep, dubstep, drum’n bass tracks by Counterstrike, Cooh & Balkansky. Tracks: A1: Carefull With That Axe B1: That’s Fucking Disgusting (ft. Cooh & Balkansky) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 14 November 2011 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Counterstrike back with 2 fresh banger including 1 collaboration with masked man Zardonic! Tracks: A1: When Worlds Collide (ft. Zardonic) B1: Mindfuck Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 11 April 2011 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • On the ASide you will find Rise a heavy rocking roller by Counterstrike with one of his signature beats. The track has a heavy liftoff and breaks down with a siren that leads on to a massive drop! From there on Rise is a real dancefloor killer with nasty beats and disguisting reeses. On the AA-Side you will find Meltdown which is also by Counterstrike. After a short dramatic intro the track immedeatly comes to the point and drops like a madman. This track will also work on your dancing nerves. With all the crazy techno bleeps and the 4 by 4 breakdown Meltdown is a freaked out technoroller that will move the crowds. Tracks: A1: Rise B1: Meltdown Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 02 February 2009 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • The Power To Distort has deadly rollin amens, fierce midrange work, heavy subs and a big bag of percussion. A disgusting dancefloor smasher that truly has the power to distort. A heavily distorted vocal combined with a sharp drumroll make this tune drop into a motherfucking Goes Noord vs Capetown monster. Pounding beats, rocking subs, insane arrangement and some slick neuro bits are the elements that make this track an absolute killer. Tracks: A1: Counterstrike – The Power To Distort B1: Counterstrike ft. Eye-D – Motherfucking Skulls Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 27 March 2006 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Sinister Souls back on PRSPCT with their 3rd full length album. A brutal drum & bass onslaught delivering all things great about Sinister Souls. Dancefloor smashers, party crashers, rowdy rollers and 4 to the floor stompers – this baby has got it all. 5 solo tracks + ton of collabs and remixes by/with artists like Maztek, Gancher & Ruin, Counterstrike and Shadow Sect make this one FCKN Hostile LP. Tracks: 01: FCKN Hostile 02: Kick Snare 03: Fantasia (ft. Gancher & Ruin) 04: Twilight Zone (ft. Maztek) 05: You’ll Float Too 06: OMG (ft. Shadow Sect) 07: Come At Me Bro (Counterstrike Remix) 08: Involuntary Suicide 09: Unleash The Beast 10: Parasite Bandit VIP Available on CD & digital formats. Release: 26 April 2019 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE


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