• To get in the mood for PRSPCT XL 16 – THE APOCALYPTIC UPRISING that will be held on december 24th 2012, here is the 10 years of PRSPCT madness mix by label boss THRASHER. Over 30 PRSPCT tracks in one hour! This CD was given to the 1st 1000 visitors of PRSPCT XL 15 on may 16th in Maassilo, Rotterdam and is also for sale as CD through the PRSPCT webshop. Grab one of the very last copies ever available NOW! All Songs Courtesy to PRSPCT Recordings Mixed by Thrasher Available only on CD. Release: 16 May 2012
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    It took a while to finish but the result has been more then worth it. This 3 x 12″ vinyl will be a MUST have for any serious PRSPCT lover. 15 Years of PRSPCT is not something to be taken lightly. To celebrate the iconic legendary label from Rotterdam have released a HUGE album delivering the best of the best Hard Drum & Bass, Hardcore and Breakcore has to offer. 12 tracks by 28 artists. PRSPCT Record: A1: Renegades – Counterstrike, Dub Elements & Thrasher A2: One For The Team – Eye-D, Dj Hidden & Switch Technique B1: Alive – Sinister Souls, Hallucinator & Fragz B2: Going Bad – Limewax, Cooh & The Panacea PRSPCT XTRM Record: C1: Control Freaks – The Outside Agency, Mindustries & Dither C2: 3 The Hard Way – Deathmachine, Detest & I:Gor D1: Lets get Dirty – N-Vitral & Sei2ure D2: Tribe Of XTRM – The DJ Producer, Hellfish & Dolphin PRSPCT RVLT Record: E1: Babe – Ruby My Dear E2: Trunk – The Satan F1: 20th Century Jungle – Deformer & FFF F2: Beyond Help – Stazma The Junglechrist & Akira Available on 3x 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 10 November 2017 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Bong-Ra’s ‘Monolith’ album gets a frontal face cum explosion with 5 massive remixes from undergrounds finest! All sorts of nastiness pass the sonic orgy in this one… Enduser, COOH, Lowroller, Akira and DJ Skullvomit rip, tear and decompose the ‘Monolith’ album tracks in most disgusting forms. This one is for the fetishists! Tracks: A1: Crawlers (Akira Remix) A2: Monolith (Cooh Remix) B1: Fallen Sons (Lowroller Remix) B2: Dawn Of The Megalomaniacs (Skull Vomit Remix) 05: Monolith (End.User Remix) (Digital Bonus) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 22 April 2013 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • The second PRSPCT LTD release is brought to you by Broken Note & Cooh Tracks: A1: Channel Zero B1: Pyrotek (Cooh Remix) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 19 April 2010 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • COOH & C-Netik teaming up!! 2 tracks on vinyl + 1 digital bonus! Tracks: A1: Retrofit (ft. Cooh) B1: Checkmate 03: Loophole (Digital Bonus) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 14 October 2013 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Cooh is one of the fastest rising multi-talented stars in drum & bass at the moment. Hot on the heels of his releases on Position Chrome and Offkey we present two new Bulgarian dancefloor stormers on PRSPCT. Head Stomp on the a-side sees Cooh and Diode (collaborating as HARM) deliver a heavy roller with an oldschool stepping feel and techno influences. Be Blast on the flip is a solo track by Cooh. This track really drives it home with its tear-out first half and finishes off nicely when it switches into a glitchy roller vibe for the second half which makes it ideal for mixing. Both tracks are heavily recommended! Support comes from: The Panacea, Evol Intent, Raiden, Limewax, Audio, Counterstrike, The Sect and more.. Tracks: A1: Head Stomp B1: Be Blast Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 20 April 2008 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
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    Bulgarian multi talent Cooh back with 2 Collabs! Tracks: A1: Rebirth (ft. C.a.2k) B1: Shrambo (ft. Ogonek) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 04 September 2012 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Sleepwalkers EP by Cooh and others. Tracks: A1: Cooh & DJ Hidden – Sleepwalkers B1: Cooh & Lucio De Rimanez – Each Of Us C1 : Cooh – Drone D1: Cooh & Markoman & Tsunami – Spitfire Available on 2x12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 09 November 2009 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • The Bulgarian badboy Cooh back with 2 fresh bangers for PRSPCT! Tracks: A1: Teran B1: Sezon Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 27 June 2011 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
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    Brand new banging Drum & Bass release by Cooh & Limewax on PRSPCT! Tracks: A1: Selecta B1: Equivalent Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 23 February 2015 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Two monster drumstep, dubstep, drum’n bass tracks by Counterstrike, Cooh & Balkansky. Tracks: A1: Carefull With That Axe B1: That’s Fucking Disgusting (ft. Cooh & Balkansky) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 14 November 2011 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • The definitive skullstep track of 2007 gets a 2021 facelift. Many artists have tried to remix this KILLER Limewax classic, and failed. Until now. Featuring remixes from Pythius, The Outside Agency, Ivan Shopov AKA Cooh. Plus a brand new rework from the man himself together with Slave To Society (the new noisy solo alias from Andrew Bowen of AnD).


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