• To get in the mood for PRSPCT XL 16 – THE APOCALYPTIC UPRISING that will be held on december 24th 2012, here is the 10 years of PRSPCT madness mix by label boss THRASHER. Over 30 PRSPCT tracks in one hour! This CD was given to the 1st 1000 visitors of PRSPCT XL 15 on may 16th in Maassilo, Rotterdam and is also for sale as CD through the PRSPCT webshop. Grab one of the very last copies ever available NOW! All Songs Courtesy to PRSPCT Recordings Mixed by Thrasher Available only on CD. Release: 16 May 2012
  • Bong-Ra with his 'Monolith LP' on RVLT! Full digital album download included with each vinyl/cd order! Tracks: A1: Monolith A2: Inspiration B1: Trillion Nemes B2: Pandora’s Box C1: Dawn Of The Megalomaniacs C2: Artificial Flesh D1: Fallen Sons D2: Crawlers Available on 2x12″ Vinyl & CD album. Release: 15 April 2012
  • This is not just another drum & bass or crossbreed album.. Hell no.. This is a masterpiece by the master himself! The Nightmare Connector is DJ Hidden at his best. Dark, Beautiful, Atmospheric and at some points almost terrifying. But above all this record gets the blood boiling and rocks out hard as F***! The king is back and thank f*** for that. All Hail DJ Hidden!
    Tracks: 01: The Controller 02: Nymph (Alternate Version) 03: Life Blocker 04: Sleeper 05: Mind Prison (Extended Version) 06: When You Wake Up 07: All Seeing None Listening 08: Care 09: The Haunting 10: Recaller 11: The Nightmare Connector 12: Signs of a Time Available as 2×12″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 21 June 2019 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Dolphin has a career spanning well over 2 decades. Being one of the most important driving forces behind UK’s Infamous Hardcore techno sound. With a ton of quality 12″ records and EP’s behind his name the time was well over due for this hardcore legend to finally release an album. And what an album it has become… 17 tracks that deliver the best of the best and crosses all corners of what we all love so much about this talented producer. This work of art is a serieus contender for Hardcore album of the year. Maybe even decade. All Hail Dolphin! Tracks: A1: No Exit (ft. Anthony Anaxagorou) A2: Fluxus A3: The Unholy Two (ft. The Teknoist) B1: Monofruit Island B2: Broken Armour C1: Deathnote (ft. Deathmachine) C2: Outlier D1: These Eyes (ft. The DJ Producer) D2: Wooo! (ft. Bryan Fury) E1: Rainbow Road E2: Rundem Excess Memories E3: Fresh Creps F1: Go Hard F2: Run it Red (ft. Hellfish) F3: They Shall know His Name 16: Black Gold VIP (Digital Bonus) 17: Raiders Cap VIP (CD & Digital Bonus) Available as 3×12″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 11 May 2018 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Dub Elements Debut Album! Out now on PRSPCT Recordings! Tracks: A1: Murder B1: Black Ninja C1: Chicago (ft. Gancher & Ruin) D1: Rude Awakening CD / Digital Extra’s: 05: Threat 06: Extreme Punishment 07: Loaded (ft. Counterstrike) 08: Truth Rising 09: Back To The Game 10: Go Party! (ft. Alexander Head) 11: Never Give Up! 12: Bass To The Tope VIP (ft. eRRe) Available on 2x12″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 30 April 2012 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • The legendary 'Peer To Peer Pressure' LP by Eye-D & DJ Hidden on PRSPCT! Tracks: A1: Ascender B1: Battlefield C1: Chemical Dreams D1: Beholder E1: Instinct F1: Rain G1: Speed Bump H1: Time Device CD / Digital Bonus: 09: Transformer 10: Highways 11: Break You Available on 4x10″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 19 September 2011 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Hallucinator hitting hard with their brand new album ‘Iconoclasm’ on PRSPCT Recordings. Tracks: A1: No Escape (ft. Gridlok) A2: I’m Not Crazy B1: Forgotten (ft. C-Netik) B2: Ways Of Destruction (ft. Coppa) 05: Resistance (Digital Only) 06: The Truth (Digital Only) C1: No Sleep Till PRSPCT(ft. Thrasher) C2: Fallen Angel (ft. Sinister Souls) D1: Burn D2: Trick Or Treat Available on 2x 12″ Clear & Solid Red Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 15 December 2017 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • PRSPCT Presents ‘Family Album’. No more words needed for this one, buy or die! Tracks: A1 Goldberg Variations – Whoopi Of A2 Eye-D – Mission Statement B1 Lowroller – Payback Time B2 Katharsys & Cooh – Dark Red C1 Donny & Dub Elements – The Evil C2 Gancher & Ruin – Victim D1 Limewax & Thrasher – PRSPCT Wrecking Crew Anthem D2 Sinister Souls – Skullsplitter E1 DJ Hidden – The Raw Universe E2 Cooh & Current Value – Biohazard F1 I:Gor – Total Confusion F2 Counterstrike & Bong-Ra ft. Jonny Pettersson – Possessed 13: Hallucinator – Death Will Set Us Free (Digital Bonus) Available as 3×12″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 06 May 2013 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Sale!
    Ruby My Dear’s Full Length album titled “Brame” is something extra special. This talented French producer produced a record that is beautiful, haunting, fun and extremely well produced. This full length is seriously one giant work of art! Tracks: A1: Croque Monsieur À Disneyland A2: Gaviscon A3: Asile à la Plage B1: Music Box B2: Loulou B3: Charade C1: Anémone C2: Mini Short C3: Spectacle D1: Zeste Incest D2: Clinpf Eepfwoof D3: Histoires Naturelles Available as 2×12″ colored Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 26 January 2018 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Sinister Souls with their huge - style blending Album on PRSPCT! Vinyl Tracks: A1: Beat The Drum A2: Diablo (ft. Dub Elements) B1: Parasite Bandit (ft. Gein & Bratkilla) C1: Natural Selection D1: Perfect Organism (ft. The Outside Agency) CD / Digital Album Tracks: 01: Beat The Drum Hard 02: Tuh Tuh Duh (ft. eRRe) 03: Not Human 04: Diablo (ft. Dub Elements) 05: Bird Boy 06: Natural Selection 07: Parasite Bandit (ft. Gein & Bratkilla) 08: We R Killers (ft. eRRe) 09: Let Me In 10: Stattlecar Spectacula 11: Black Magic (ft. Counterstrike) 12: Perfect Organism (ft. The Outside Agency) Available as 2×12″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 08 October 2012 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Sinister Souls back on PRSPCT with their 3rd full length album. A brutal drum & bass onslaught delivering all things great about Sinister Souls. Dancefloor smashers, party crashers, rowdy rollers and 4 to the floor stompers – this baby has got it all. 5 solo tracks + ton of collabs and remixes by/with artists like Maztek, Gancher & Ruin, Counterstrike and Shadow Sect make this one FCKN Hostile LP. Tracks: 01: FCKN Hostile 02: Kick Snare 03: Fantasia (ft. Gancher & Ruin) 04: Twilight Zone (ft. Maztek) 05: You’ll Float Too 06: OMG (ft. Shadow Sect) 07: Come At Me Bro (Counterstrike Remix) 08: Involuntary Suicide 09: Unleash The Beast 10: Parasite Bandit VIP Available on CD & digital formats. Release: 26 April 2019 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • The new amazing Sinister Souls album on PRSPCT! Tracks: A1: Sinister Souls ft. MC Dart & MC Swift – Horns Up! A2: Sinister Souls – Swing B1: Sinister Souls & Gein & Bratkilla – Come At Me Bro B2: Sinister Souls – Grim Reaper C1: Sinister Souls – Rocket Propelled Grenade C2: Sinister Souls & Cooh – Fight for More D1: Sinister Souls & Ruffneck – Executioner D2: Sinister Souls & Triamer & Nagato – Technical Difficulties Digital / CD Bonus Tracks: 09: Sinister Souls – Meanwhile On Apocalypse 10: Sinister Souls – Earth Prime 11: Sinister Souls & Proton Kid – Danger Time 12: Sinister Souls – Fractured Psyche Available on 2x12″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 14 July 2014 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE


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