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    It took a while to finish but the result has been more then worth it. This 3 x 12″ vinyl will be a MUST have for any serious PRSPCT lover. 15 Years of PRSPCT is not something to be taken lightly. To celebrate the iconic legendary label from Rotterdam have released a HUGE album delivering the best of the best Hard Drum & Bass, Hardcore and Breakcore has to offer. 12 tracks by 28 artists. PRSPCT Record: A1: Renegades – Counterstrike, Dub Elements & Thrasher A2: One For The Team – Eye-D, Dj Hidden & Switch Technique B1: Alive – Sinister Souls, Hallucinator & Fragz B2: Going Bad – Limewax, Cooh & The Panacea PRSPCT XTRM Record: C1: Control Freaks – The Outside Agency, Mindustries & Dither C2: 3 The Hard Way – Deathmachine, Detest & I:Gor D1: Lets get Dirty – N-Vitral & Sei2ure D2: Tribe Of XTRM – The DJ Producer, Hellfish & Dolphin PRSPCT RVLT Record: E1: Babe – Ruby My Dear E2: Trunk – The Satan F1: 20th Century Jungle – Deformer & FFF F2: Beyond Help – Stazma The Junglechrist & Akira Available on 3x 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 10 November 2017 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Breakcore bad man Apzolut strikes hard again on this 2nd release for PRSPCT’s RVLT imprint. 5 banging jungle/breakcore tracks putting the AMEN back in to the amen. Tracks: 01: Jungle Sam 02: 2015 Drive 03: Rolling Shoe 04: Fearless Dreams 05: Bounce Repeater Available only in digital formats. Release: 14 March 2018
  • This brand new 5 track EP is one seriously brutal death/black metal breakcore rave mash up. Definitely not suitable for the top 40 radio listening weaklings out there. But if you’re a wo(man) that has a hard spot for extreme out of the box music, then this one just might be something for you. To keep the nostalgic memories alive and as sort of an ode to those dark times years ago – when for a lot of the youth trading and copying cassette tapes was the only way to even be able to find and enjoy underground music – we’ve decided to make this release physically available only on cassette tape and those are limited to just 75 copies!! Tracks: 01: Reshaping The Haystack 02: Gods Guts 03: Lost 04: Drunken Fuckedup Wisdom 05: Stofzuiger Dood (2019 Upgrade) Available as Cassette & digital formats. Release: 29 November 2019 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Nijmegen Breakcore veteran Apzolut with a debut release on PRSPCT’s RVLT imprint. Not for the weak hearted as this is a serious blast of audio sonic terror! Featuring his brother MC Goatzak on vocal duties. Try not to burn churches after listening to this ep. We dare you… Tracks: 01: Sonic Battlefield 02: Hendi Mondi 03: Lee & James 04: Exodus Mashup 05: Ooh Bwoy 06: Continues End Available only in digital formats. Release: 21 April 2017
  • Ten years ago BONG RA unleashed his legendary Bikini Bandits album to the world. The impact was huge. For many this was their first introduction to the Breakcore genre. Peel sessions, MTV video’s.. the list goes on… Now 10 years later, the legend that is BONG RA is still standing strong as ever and to celebrate this PRSPCT recordings is releasing a 10 year anniversary remix EP of this classic album. Four tracks containing 2013 remixes of classic tracks by the dreaded Breakcore Master himself! Tracks: A1: 666MPH A2: Can You Dig It B1: Blood & Fire B2: Dub Murderer Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 02 December 2013 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Bong-Ra’s ‘Monolith’ album gets a frontal face cum explosion with 5 massive remixes from undergrounds finest! All sorts of nastiness pass the sonic orgy in this one… Enduser, COOH, Lowroller, Akira and DJ Skullvomit rip, tear and decompose the ‘Monolith’ album tracks in most disgusting forms. This one is for the fetishists! Tracks: A1: Crawlers (Akira Remix) A2: Monolith (Cooh Remix) B1: Fallen Sons (Lowroller Remix) B2: Dawn Of The Megalomaniacs (Skull Vomit Remix) 05: Monolith (End.User Remix) (Digital Bonus) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 22 April 2013 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Bong-Ra with his 'Monolith LP' on RVLT! Full digital album download included with each vinyl/cd order! Tracks: A1: Monolith A2: Inspiration B1: Trillion Nemes B2: Pandora’s Box C1: Dawn Of The Megalomaniacs C2: Artificial Flesh D1: Fallen Sons D2: Crawlers Available on 2x12″ Vinyl & CD album. Release: 15 April 2012
  • Bong-Ra vs Goetia on XTRM Tracks: 01: Axe To Grind 02: Sickness Of The Underground Available only in digital formats. Release: 07 April 2014
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    PRSPCT Recordings, Fvneral Apparel, Igorrr and Bong-Ra join forces in this unique music meets art project. These two breakcore producers have teamed up to produce two monstrous doomcore tracks : TOMBS and PALLBEARER. Tracks: A1: Tombs B1: Pallbearer Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 22 July 2013 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • PRSPCT Freebie! Tracks: 01: De Staat - Witch Doctor (The Hard Way Remix) Available only in digital formats. Released: 18 February 2016
  • Counter Carnage EP is DEFORMER’S brand new 6 track record on PRSPCT’s RVLT imprint! 2 solo tracks + 4 remixes by established Hardcore icons: Akira, The DJ Producer, N-Vitral & DJ Predator. Tracks: A1: Counter Carnage A2: Syko (The DJ Producer Remix) A3: Extreme Deformity (N-Vitral Remix) B1: Counter Carnage (Akira Remix) B2: Slasher’16 (Deformer’s self-Surgery) B3: Repossessor (Predator Remix) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 16 December 2016 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
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    Deformer takes the lead again when it comes to originality. Everything goes as these new tracks prove. This is definitely no material for the mainstream listener. The Smackdown indeed smacks the shit out of you if you don’t pay attention and Dystopia gets a blessing by the killer vocals of Rap veteran and lyrical master Chino XL. Tracks: A1: Dystopia B1: The Smackdown (ft. Chino XL) Available on 7″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 30 November 2015 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Deformer with a 4 trak Killer EP on RVLT! Tracks: A1: Hybrid A2: Freaqks B1: Syko B2: Counterculture Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 18 September 2012 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Deformer with a new 10 inch on PRSPCT RVLT. Tracks: A1: Repossessor B1: Malevolent Mastery Available on 10″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 05 May 2014 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • USA’s DJ Skull Vomit’s debut release on PRSPCT’s RVLT imprint! A perfect mix of Breakcore, Drum & Bass and Hardcore by an insane artists! Tracks: 01: Lockjaw 02: Fuck Wit It (ft. Akira & Lofty 305) 03: Homeless In Hell 04: Eskimo (ft. eRRe & Hardlogik) Available only in digital formats. Release: 01 December 2014
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    Dolphin & The Teknoist strike hard with this banging EP on PRSPCT’s RVLT Imprint. Tracks: A1: War Track B1: Power Without Form (ft. Skull Vomit) B2: Multiverse Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 21 October 2016 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Six new tracks forthcoming on PRSPCT RVLT 005 by Dutch Jungle/Breakcore legend FFF. Tracks: A1: Bloodclat Mentality A2: Dreamstate B1: Machine B2: PRL B58 05: ShockwaveS (Digital Bonus) 06: No Longer Visible (Digital Bonus) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 16 September 2013 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Rotterdam rude boy FFF back on PRSPCT’s RVLT imprint with a monster vinyl EP! Delivering everything we love so much from this master of amen warfare. Jungle, Breakcore, Ragga, Drum & Bass. Its all in here… Tracks: A1: The Superpowers A2: Pirate Stretch B1: No Friendly Thing B2: Digikal General Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 19 August 2017 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Rotterdam based Breakcore/Jungle hero FFF is back on PRSPCT RVLT with a bang! 7 tracks of epic nostalgic proportion taking you back to the good old AMEN days. Jungle, Breakcore, Dark DNB, Rave and even some Oldschool Gabber vibes. This EP has it all! Tracks: A1: Warzone A2: Life Existed B1: Brink Of Doom B2: Don’t Trouble The Bass 05 Ready For War (Digital Bonus) 06 Frantic (Digital Bonus) 07 Mash Up The Bloodclat (Digital Bonus) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 17 November 2014 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Gore Tech hitting hard with the first RVTL Digi release! Tracks: 01: Hammers Of Blasphemy 02: Iron Widow Available only in digital formats. Release: 19 May 2014
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    PRSPCT RVLT’s 12th release is a sonic statement of intent. Politically charged, high­octane punk­themed drum and bass music created by the collective power­house that is Gore Tech and End.User. This EP cold­welds the rough edges of darkened Drum & Bass and Jungle together with total disregard for the rules. Tracks: A1: Atlantic Warfare A2: Dope Sick Witch B1: Tear Gas B2: Tear Gas (Dolphin & The Teknoist Remix) Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 29 April 2016 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Illegal Trade is AMBASSADOR21’s more breakbeat orientated alter ego. 2 brand new tracks hitting the streets on PRSPCT RVLT’s Digital side label January 25th 2016! Tracks: 01: Let’s Go To Prison 02: Braindrug Available only in digital formats. Release: 25 January 2016
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    Mü is the project of Julien Chastagnol (Ruby My Dear) and drummer Xavier Coriat (RDS Lobe / Cellscape). Their music is powerful, surgical sounding and intelligent. It’s a hybrid of styles, a genre for which a new name should be invented. With ‘Mentalmorphosis’, MÜ invited music veteran Mike Redman (Deformer) to lay down the vocals. The lyrics and their delivery are as unconventional as the music and bring much depth to the tracks. This is an example where vocals and sound reinforce each other. ‘Mentalmorphosis’ will make your thoughts evolve and change your mind state. It soaks you up, spits you out and you’ll love it! Tracks: A1: Frequencies A2: The Riddle B1: Suicide Soundtrack B2: Whore Available as 10″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 26 January 2018 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • 2012 was a good year for PRSPCT recordings. Tons of sick 12″ releases, 3 full artist albums and the start of side labels like PRSPCT XTRM and PRSPCT RVLT. We have compiled a best of 2012 digi pack with 18 of the biggest PRSPCT hits of this last year. As a bonus exclusively through the PRSPCT bandcamp we have added Inbreed Acapella by Limewax & Thrasher making it 19 tracks in total for just 14 euro’s. Buy or die boys and girls!!! Tracklist: 01: Human Resource – Dominator (The Panacea VIP) 02: Sinister Souls ft. Gein & Bratkilla – Parasite Bandit 03: Cooh & C.A.2K – Rebirth 04: Thrasher, Bong-Ra & Limewax – Suck Satan’s Cock 05: Limewax – Hess29 06: Lowroller – Crossroad 07: Dub Elements ft. Gancher & Ruin – Chicago 08: I:Gor – Testify 09: Sinister Souls – Beat The Drum Hard 10: Detest – Shotgun 11: Loop Stepwalker & eRRe – Release Your Rage 12: Bong-Ra – Monolith 13: Dub Elements – Black Ninja 14: Sinister Souls ft. The Outside Agency – Perfect Organism 15: C-Netik – Judgment 16: Deformer – Freaqks 17: Wormskull – Nosebleed (Balkansky Remix) 18: The Outside Agency – Ghetto Blast Downloadable in both MP3 & WAV. Release: 17 December 2012


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