• Sleepwalkers EP by Cooh and others. Tracks: A1: Cooh & DJ Hidden – Sleepwalkers B1: Cooh & Lucio De Rimanez – Each Of Us C1 : Cooh – Drone D1: Cooh & Markoman & Tsunami – Spitfire Available on 2x12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 09 November 2009 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • The first PRSPCT LTD release was a various artist ep named Brain Cracklin. Tracks were provided by Mumblz, Gancher, Dub Elements, Switch Technique & Dereck, the release came out on 2x 12″ vinyl in 2009. Tracks: A1: Mumblz & Gancher – Brain Cracklin B1: Dub Elements – My Hole C1: Mumblz & Switch Technique – Guardian D1: Dereck – Apollo Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 31 August 2009 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Sinister Souls with their huge - style blending Album on PRSPCT! Vinyl Tracks: A1: Beat The Drum A2: Diablo (ft. Dub Elements) B1: Parasite Bandit (ft. Gein & Bratkilla) C1: Natural Selection D1: Perfect Organism (ft. The Outside Agency) CD / Digital Album Tracks: 01: Beat The Drum Hard 02: Tuh Tuh Duh (ft. eRRe) 03: Not Human 04: Diablo (ft. Dub Elements) 05: Bird Boy 06: Natural Selection 07: Parasite Bandit (ft. Gein & Bratkilla) 08: We R Killers (ft. eRRe) 09: Let Me In 10: Stattlecar Spectacula 11: Black Magic (ft. Counterstrike) 12: Perfect Organism (ft. The Outside Agency) Available as 2×12″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 08 October 2012 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • VOODOOM are Bong-Ra and Deformer featuring Scapu Lox on vocals. Dark Ritualistic Breakbeat Jungle. Inspired by early 90’s UK Jungle and Darkstep mixed with the clear trademark sound of these two established producers. The Surinam lyrics by Scapu Lox, a community strongly present in Rotterdam, is completely unique to this genre. Tracks: A1: Alla Malla A2: Wisi Mang B1: Kongo Nails B2: Wasteland C1: Rituals C2: Sacrifice D1: Kankan Un De D2: Baar Baka D3: Voodoom Available on 2x12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 22 June 2015 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • The first PRSPCT Recordings album release is called ‘Blood and Steel LP’ and was presented to you by multiple early PRSPCT label artists. A total of six tracks pressed on 3x 12″, a must have for the collection! Tracks: A1: Limewax – Uncomes B1: Donny – They Are Coming C1: Raiden – Can’t Be Myself D1: Eye-D & Squee – Circuitry E1: Counterstrike & Cooh – Blood And Steel F1:  Vengeanza – Caves Available on 3x12″ Vinyl & digital formats. Release: 22 June 2009 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • PRSPCT Presents ‘Family Album’. No more words needed for this one, buy or die! Tracks: A1 Goldberg Variations – Whoopi Of A2 Eye-D – Mission Statement B1 Lowroller – Payback Time B2 Katharsys & Cooh – Dark Red C1 Donny & Dub Elements – The Evil C2 Gancher & Ruin – Victim D1 Limewax & Thrasher – PRSPCT Wrecking Crew Anthem D2 Sinister Souls – Skullsplitter E1 DJ Hidden – The Raw Universe E2 Cooh & Current Value – Biohazard F1 I:Gor – Total Confusion F2 Counterstrike & Bong-Ra ft. Jonny Pettersson – Possessed 13: Hallucinator – Death Will Set Us Free (Digital Bonus) Available as 3×12″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 06 May 2013 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • The legendary 'Peer To Peer Pressure' LP by Eye-D & DJ Hidden on PRSPCT! Tracks: A1: Ascender B1: Battlefield C1: Chemical Dreams D1: Beholder E1: Instinct F1: Rain G1: Speed Bump H1: Time Device CD / Digital Bonus: 09: Transformer 10: Highways 11: Break You Available on 4x10″ Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 19 September 2011 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE


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