Can I return anything I’ve ordered?2020-10-15T10:17:55+00:00

No. Some products can not be returned and/or refunded to the consumer once they have been purchased. The following is excluded from returns to PRSPCT Recordings:

  • Returned items that do not meet the return conditions.
  • Used and/or washed products.
  • Damaged arrivals that haven’t been reported (in time).
  • Music (both digital as vinyl/cd formats, unless faulty).
  • Event Tickets.

For more info about returns please read our Returns section on our info page.

I received a damaged item, can I return it?2020-10-15T10:17:23+00:00

Damaged arrivals have to be reported within 48 hours from the moment of delivery / collection. Always make sure to keep original packaging materials available, the package must remain packed (or re-packed) as delivered in order to file a claim with our shipping insurance services.

Reports can be made in our Damaged Arrival section of the website info or by contacting us on shop@prspct.nl

Can I return my ordered items?2020-10-15T10:16:45+00:00

Yes, ordered items can be returned within 14 days from the moment of delivery / collection at local pick-up locations. Please note that orders outside NL can only be refunded with the totals paid for the goods. Shipping costs as paid with this order can not be refunded.

Returns must be requested before return sending the package, a return address with instructions will be provided in the approval response to your request. More information about returns can be found in our Returns section.

More info about shipping?2020-10-15T10:13:45+00:00

For more information about shipping we would like you to redirect to our Shipping Policy in our info section of the website.

Do you ship to country’s outside Europe?2020-10-15T10:12:54+00:00

Yes, we can ship orders to anywhere in the world. But, for deliveries outside the European Union (this includes Switzerland & Norway as well) it is important to realize that the delivery can be charged with import duties & taxes by your local customs authority.

The rules for charging import costs vary (a lot) per country in the world. For example US citizens can import duty free up to a value of $800, Canadian citizens will already have to pay import duties for a 10 euro value CD. It’s important to be aware of possible additional charges that could come with the delivery of your order.Please note that PRSPCT Recordings and Droplet Printing can not be held responsible for additional charges if applied with your order delivery. All packages dispatched from our warehouse to a destination outside Europe are marked with ‘import duties & taxes to be paid by the receiver’.

For more specific details about rules in your country it’s best to contact local customs authorities and ask them for more information.

Can I collect my order to save on shipping?2020-10-15T10:11:58+00:00

Yes, it is possible to select the pick-up option during checkout of your order. Collecting is possible at the Triple Vision Record Distribution warehouse in Rotterdam.

The pick-up option will only show up for addresses inside the province South-Holland. Are you not from around but you do want to collect your order? Please contact shop@prspct.nl so we can check for a solution.

Will packages get a tracking number?2020-10-15T10:11:24+00:00

All orders will be shipped out including tracking options. We’ve decided to stop offering shipping without tracking due to the huge amount of lost packages, at PRSPCT we believe it’s better for everyone around to pay a little more for premium delivery services instead of a disappointment that the order didn’t arrive. The webshop is configured to always show the available delivery options for your destination address, due to this alternative shipping requests can not be processed.

Tracking numbers will be included in the ‘Order Complete’ notification or they’ll arrive in a separate shipping notification shortly after. If you haven’t received a tracking number within 48 hours from the ‘Order Complete’ message please make sure to contact us on shop@prspct.nl.

What shipping options are available?2020-10-15T10:10:34+00:00

Europe & Worldwide
Shipping is mainly provided by the countries local postal companies. We are able to provide very affordable Worldwide deliveries including tracking.

Inside The Netherlands
Inside NL it will be possible to select mailbox delivery with tracking info for some of our products, such as cd’s. Small products that fit in a mailbox will automatically show a lower rate for shipping. The system will automatically decide if the order can be shipped with cheaper mailbox services or if it requires a normal parcel delivery service.

Do I have to pay tax with my orders?2020-10-15T10:09:17+00:00

All orders on physical items with billing address / destination inside the European Union will be charged with the Dutch 21% VAT rate. Orders on digital products with billing addresses inside the EU will be charged with local tax rates due to the EU VAT Compliance. This rate will be determined with geolocating and registration of the customer’s IP address.

Upon checkout it’s possible to enter a valid EU VAT number of your company as registered with your billing address. The number entry will be validated together with the address details before calculated taxes will be removed from the final total to be paid for your order.

Is it safe to pay on PRSPCT.nl?2020-10-15T10:08:22+00:00

All payments made for orders in the PRSPCT Recordings webshop are handled by payment processor Mollie. This is a safe company that takes good care of private details while processing payments. Mollie is an external company, because of that we do not have to store any banking or credit card details on our own webservers.

Is it possible to pay by Bank Transfer?2020-10-15T10:07:21+00:00

Yes, we accept Bank Transfer payments with our payment processor Mollie. Please note that Bank transfer is currently the only payment method that could come with (long) processing times, especially for international transactions. These processing times are usually 3-5 business days, but in some cases they could take a lot longer.

If this payment method is selected upon checkout the PRSPCT Recordings shop will reserve all items in your order for exactly 14 days from the moment of submitting your order. The transfer must be made to the account details provided by Mollie Payments and please make sure to include the reference number as shown so the payment can be linked to your order. If all goes well the transfer arrives in time and after successful processing by Mollie you will receive a payment confirmation.

If no payment has arrived within the 14 day limit our payment processor Mollie will automatically change the order status to canceled. All product reservations will be removed causing the items to become back available for ordering again in our webshop.

In case a payment was made and not processed in time the order will still remain on canceled, this is due to the removed product reservations. If you haven’t received a payment confirmation after 14 days from submitting the order please make sure to contact us on shop@prspct.nl so we can check for a solution.

Why did I not receive an order confirmation?2020-10-15T10:06:37+00:00

This depends on the payment method with your order. Most options provide ‘instant payments’ to our account, meaning that as soon as the payment is confirmed your order will be given the ‘processing’ status. This order status includes an email notification to you and will only be send out once the payment successfully arrived.

For bank transfer payments this could take up to 14 days due to the processing time involved with international banking. Haven’t received a notification after 14 days from submitting your order? Please contact us on shop@prspct.nl.

It could be possible that emails arrive in your spam folder. Make sure to keep an eye out in case you don’t receive any messages!!

What is the main currency of the shop?2020-10-15T10:05:42+00:00

The PRSPCT Recordings main currency is Euro. All rates shown site-wide and all submitted orders are charged and processed in this currency. Your banking and/or credit card company will be able to automatically convert your own currency during the transfer process.

If you’d like to pay with a different currency we recommend to select bank transfer upon checkout and make the transfer through transferwise.com. This service provides quick & safe transfers and usually with less transfer charges than regular banks calculate for each transaction.

What payment options are available?2020-10-15T10:04:46+00:00

In our previous webshops (yes, 2 shops) it was only possible to accept Paypal payments, resulting in a lot of people not being able to order their highly wanted hoodie in time before it was sold out. To make up for that we’ve decided to accept a whole lot of payment options in our new shop. Hopefully we won’t have to disappoint anyone any longer by having the following options available:

  • Bancontact
  • Bank Transfer
  • Belfius Direct Net
  • Credit Card
  • iDeal
  • KBC/CBC Payment Button
  • Paypal
  • SOFORT Banking

All payment options will be processed by our payment processor Mollie Payments in The Netherlands. Once Mollie received & processed the payment the order status will be changed from ‘pending payment’ to ‘processing’. This status update includes sending out the first order confirmation message to the involved customer.

Can I pre-order new releases?2020-10-15T10:03:43+00:00

For special releases such as albums we will set up a pre-order campaign. This will enable you to order the release prior to the official release date so you can ensure yourself to get your hands on it!

Submitting pre-orders will only be possible on physical products, like Vinyls, CD’s or Special/Limited Bundles. Digital downloads can not be pre-ordered, those will become available from the official release date.

Can I leave backorders on sold out vinyl releases?2020-10-15T10:03:10+00:00

Yes, you can! Once something is out of stock a button shows up to subscribe yourself on the waiting list for this item. We keep track of all subscriptions, as soon as we notice that a specific product is highly wanted we will try everything we can to get it back in stock!

I can’t order the release I’m searching for. What should I do?2020-10-15T10:02:09+00:00

There is a big chance that the release you’re searching for is currently out of stock. At the moment we have every release in stock of which we still had copies laying around and we’re currently working on repressing a nice part of the PRSPCT catalogue. First represses are expected to become available on short notice!!

Is every release available on vinyl?2020-10-15T10:00:57+00:00

Even though we’ve put out a lot of releases on vinyl it seems that it is no longer possible to have every PRSPCT release pressed on wax. Pressing vinyl is a really expensive process nowadays, so we have to be more selective with what we’d like to put out on 12″ with forthcoming releases.

Some real classics from the PRSPCT catalog have sold out by now. Because of our 15th anniversary this year we’re looking into repressing some of the best PRSPCT Classics!! Stay tuned for more info soon…

The product i want to order went out of stock? Can i still get it?2020-10-15T10:00:04+00:00

It is possible that items are no longer available at some moment from releasing them. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll never become available again (except for some limited editions).

When a product appears to be out of stock make sure to add yourself on the waiting list. We will keep track of subscriptions with each product, as soon as we notice there’s enough people interested we’ll try everything we can to get this item back in stock!

Will there be new merch coming soon?2020-10-15T09:58:47+00:00

Yes! During the whole year we’re looking into new designs for t-shirts, hoodies and so on, but we’re also continuously searching for new products that we could offer to the great public! Keep an eye out…

What kind of merch is available?2020-10-15T09:58:08+00:00

PRSPCT Recordings offers a lot of different merchandise items to the world, for example:

  • T-shirts
  • Tanktops
  • Hoodies
  • Caps / Snapbacks

Next to clothing & headwear we also offer various accessories such as totebags, sunglasses, coffee mugs or PRSPCT usb drives! Please note that these items usually have limited stock available, they can be sold out over periods of time.

The shop follows a clear category structure so you can easily find the item you’re searching for, especially if you use the search filters from the top left side of the shop.


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