Yes, we accept Bank Transfer payments with our payment processor Mollie. Please note that Bank transfer is currently the only payment method that could come with (long) processing times, especially for international transactions. These processing times are usually 3-5 business days, but in some cases they could take a lot longer.

If this payment method is selected upon checkout the PRSPCT Recordings shop will reserve all items in your order for exactly 14 days from the moment of submitting your order. The transfer must be made to the account details provided by Mollie Payments and please make sure to include the reference number as shown so the payment can be linked to your order. If all goes well the transfer arrives in time and after successful processing by Mollie you will receive a payment confirmation.

If no payment has arrived within the 14 day limit our payment processor Mollie will automatically change the order status to canceled. All product reservations will be removed causing the items to become back available for ordering again in our webshop.

In case a payment was made and not processed in time the order will still remain on canceled, this is due to the removed product reservations. If you haven’t received a payment confirmation after 14 days from submitting the order please make sure to contact us on so we can check for a solution.